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web development

Full-stack dev for all your needs

Whether you are looking for a new website or would like to update an existing one, I'm here to help.

From single-page portfolios to CRUD web applications & databases, I can cover a wide range of services. I understand that websites can be costly, which is why I offer installment plans. Don't hesitate to voice any concerns when chatting with me about a project.

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For entrepreneurs and start-ups

Modern technology makes it wonderfully easy to set up your own website. But there might be a few things that you don't know about.

Registering on search engines, optimizing speed, accessibility, checking SEO are just a few items on the long list I can do to help your brand reach more people. I offer affordable consultation to everybody who would like to enhance their websites.

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Errors, bugs and other problems

A website should be checked regularly to make sure everything is running as intended.

Broken links, buttons, 404 pages, forms not submitting are just a few from the long list of errors websites face when they aren't maintained regularly. Errors like this cause bad user experience and can decrease revenue.

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How to create a good user experience

A good user experience is essential to keep your viewers happy.

SEO (Search engine optimization) helps people find your website. But your website's user experience is what makes those people stay & interact with your site longer. They are both needed to run a succesfull business.

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Template editing software

Budget friendly templates for you

Customizable, ready templates.

Plum - the minimal portfolio template is now available for download for only €10.00! Don't forget to follow Livu Solutions on social media to never miss a template.

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full-stack development

The frameworks I am using

This is a list of frameworks I work with, but I have a team of sub-contractors specialized in different languages.

  • html5
  • css3
  • javascript
  • wordpress
  • bootstrap
  • mongodb
  • express
  • node.js