The best free website traffic checkers

Are you curious about how many visitors your website gets? With the latest tracking tools, you can analyse the traffic of any website. You can find out the total number of visitors, the keywords driving the traffic, the channels the visitors come from and the best performing pages on the site. This information gives us a great opportunity to come up with new ideas for a successful marketing campaign to attract a larger audience to your website. Here are my top free website traffic checker tools:

Website analytics displayed on a laptop

Google Analytics

Just like its name suggests, this service if offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic, that can help users identify trends and patterns in how visitors engage with their websites. With the free version you can track new and returning visitors, demographics, conversions, engagement, revenue, channels and much more.


Ubersuggest is designed to help with SEO solution, with a feature to check competitor web traffic. With the free version you can check three websites a day. The results will tell you a website’s overall traffic, organic keywords, domain authority, backlinks, and their top pages & keywords.


Matomo, formerly Piwik, is a free and open-source web analytics application. It tracks online visits to one or more websites and displays reports on these visits for analysis. Matomo is the Google Analytics alternative – where you can enjoy 100% data ownership.


When you search a website on SERanking you’ll get an overview of the site’s total organic and paid traffic/month, the top 10 keywords the site is ranking for, the top pages and more. With the free version you can request 10 reports/day.

(I purposefully didn’t mention the more complex tools such as SEMrush or SimilarWeb as these either aren’t tailored for smaller businesses or their free versions are not topping the above listed resources.)
Would you like to learn more about your website’s traffic? Why not download a free guide on how to set up your website with Google Analytics and how to use it to gain the most insights about your audience? Link in the bio