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Understanding Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that allows you to gain insight about your website’s audience. Here is a breakdown of its features and some ways you can optimize this handy tool.

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How to drive traffic to your website?

As business owners we are always looking for ways to increase our sales, but to do so, firstly we must increase our audience. Here are some ways we can reach more people and guide them to our websites.

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How to setup Google Analytics?

Setting up Google Analytics gives you an essential insight into understanding: who visits your website, how do they find your website, their behaviour, what they are interested in. Over 56% of all websites use Google Analytics and for a good reason. Let’s jump right in to get your started with your own account on this amazing platform.

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The best free website traffic checkers

Are you curious about how many visitors your website gets? With the latest tracking tools, you can analyse the traffic of any website. You can find out the total number of visitors, the keywords driving the traffic, the channels the visitors come from and the best performing pages on the site. This information gives us a great opportunity to come up with new ideas for a successful marketing campaign to attract a larger audience to your website.

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